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Hi, welcome to the MNFST – Everyone is an influencer testing family

Nice and easy app to earn money on social media by recommending things you love to your followers. You don’t have to be an Instagram celebrity or top-ranking influencer anymore – every voice counts, and everyone can monetise their social media profiles with MNFST. Create your manifest – a video selfie or new profile picture in support of your favourite brand, and instantly share it with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s it – in just 24 hours, you will receive your first payment. Spread the word and invite more friends to join the fun. In addition to sponsored manifests, you can also create and share non-profit manifests to raise awareness of crucial issues and support significant causes, anticipated events, holidays, and other moments of your life that are worth sharing with friends! • Works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter • Withdrawal to PayPal and Revolut in any currency • Daily updated Social Capital Score to measure your influence • Tips and tricks on how to increase your impact on social media

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